First App review: Pocket Planes

15 Aug

Ok, guys, here’s my first review on my latest addiction: Pocket planes!

Ever wanted to know how it feels like to have your own airport, but didn’t want any of the complex stuff like air traffic, immigration, luggage lost,etc. Do you like cute pixel people riding planes all across the globe? Or do you just like planes?

If you say yes to any of the ff. then Pocket planes is for you


From the creators of Tiny tower, comes their latest app that is certain to soar in the app store.

Its a fun and innovative game, watching those little pixel friends go around the world, earning money and upgrading till you have achieved total world domination! (Que evil laugh!)

Or you just want to build a airline tycoon and play. Well, either of the two, pocket planes will do.

This little nifty game also is like a few smartphone games that “you do-you go” style of gameplay. You do a certain action, wait a few hours, then come back and do some more. Nifty for those on the go people with only a few moments to spare for their miniature tycoon.

Humor is also incorporated in this game, in the form of something called Bitbook. If your in need of a good laugh (or chuckle, in my case), or want to know what your little pixel passengers are up to, or bored with nothing to do, you can just check and see what they have to say.

Best thing i like about is game is that, unlike majority of the good games out there, is offline. Yes, you can take your pocket planes as you ride on real planes to anywhere, and they’ll always be waiting for you.

The money system in the game (or bucks) is a major factor in the game. It is needed to buy new planes, and in need of some quick cash. But, unlike most apps like it that rarely gives these things for free, this game does. Along with special passengers that with a short price to pay can give you those all too needed bucks. Or, if there is internet connection, can just watch short 10 second commercials to gain a few. Sure, 10 seconds of my life is not worth waiting. But, then again, just leave them be, and when you come back, you’ll have those bucks you’ve been wanting.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app, and start your airline tycoon today.


Or, if you favor, come ride Domo-kun airlines 🙂


And, yes, that is Domo-kun piloting my plane. Cute right?

Download for Apple

Download for Android

(Side note: for those in need of a flight crew, join mine: brothers29
Lets compete together in the world rank )

Not just book critiques

15 Aug

As i said earlier here on buttered popcorn, i do critiquing. But not only book critiquing. Starting today, i will also start posting Apple App reviews.

No, i do rate sometimes at the app store, helping out my favorite apps, but at times, i also want to post here, on buttered popcorn.

But, for those who are “free app hunters”, your in luck. The app reviews i would do are mostly free apps (or used to be free apps at the time i made the post)

But, whatever, i hope you guys stay tuned!

“The Red Pyramid” Review

10 Aug


Author: Rick Riordan

Back of the book:

Critque Start!

What i liked about reading The Red Pyramid is how the writer managed to mix in humor at times when i expected it be straight-on seriousness. Although the story plot kind of went parallel to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, wherein the main character of the story lived a normal, non-supernatural life until a sudden crime was put against them (percy being the lightning thief, the Kane siblings being the ones who released gods). Then, forced into an adventure to prove their innocence, and find that they’re descendants of a magical bloodline.

I also liked how the author portrayed the sibling duo: Carter and Sadie Kane. Being apart for so long made them, at first, uncomfortable being a pair. But, they showed their care and affection as time went by, along with their guardian Bast( egyptian cat goddess), they went across the world with Set on their tail. Carter and Sadie get into multiple conflicts along the way, as with every brother and sister pair. I myself am like that to my sister and notice the resemblance between the two of us.

I find it also admirable how he picked the sister-brother pair in contrast to the mainstream boy-girl main character adventure duo, wherein the boy/ girl falls for their partner and becomes their fuel to move on, the brother sister duo is fueled by their sense of protection for their family, which is sweet to see how stronger they seem at the end than at the start.

Should i read this?

If you’re a fan of Rick Roirdan’s works, or want a good mythological fiction about forgotten gods messing with the modern world, this is a nice book to read 🙂

I want to read this!


“Will Grayson, will Grayson” Book review

16 May


Author:John Green, David Levithan

Back of the book
“One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens—both named Will Grayson—are about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history’s most fabulous high school musical.”

Two teens, living two different lives, with opposite personalities, “just-so-happened” to meet at a adult movie store for two very different reasons. Its a fun read to see how these two reacted by a fateful meeting.

The first Will Grayson(with his name always capitalized) is someone who lives by 2 rules:

Rule 1:Don’t care too much,
Rule 2:Anything misfortunate or bad happenings are caused by not following rule one

So, in short, he’s more of the “just get through school and life” kind of guy. He avoids being the center of attention, doing anything worth remembering by, and large crowds. Unfortunately, he’s stuck with Tiny Cooper as a best friend. He is described as either “The world’s biggest gay guy” and “The world’s gayest big guy” who acts like being who he is is the most normal he can be, even as a gay. Grayson’s social circle (aside from Tiny) is merely the members of the “Gay-Straight Alliance”-which is founded by Tiny, where he meets Jane, the ‘catalyst’ in his life.

Meanwhile, will Grayson(always uncapitalized) lives with depression, living only with his mother. He spends most of his time online when at home; while at school, even though he tends to stay away from people (even his friends Derik and Simon, he can’t stand away from one person: Maura, the girl who is obsessed with him. With all this, the only thing that keeps him stable is his online boyfriend: Isaac.

Why should i read this book?

What i love about this book is how natural it sounds, like this could one day happen to me, or someone i know. Most people know how annoying it is to have someone with the same name as you nearby (having to turn your head whenever someone calls the other), and the possibility of someone with the same first and last name meeting seems quite possible; it might have already happened, passing by them, but never knowing.
And, i also admired how fluid the whole story seems, as both Grayson’s lives are forever changed because of their meeting.

Lastly, i loved how the romance here worked, both Hetero- and Homosexual relationships. I’m a straight guy, and am disgusted by seeing two guys make out. But, somehow, the relationship of will(the gay one) and his new boyfriend feels as if they’re boy and girl: the chemistry was there, and you can really feel their sweetness. Even the other Will’s romance was quite enjoyable as well.

Why should i read this?

3 reasons: the romance, the story, and the ending.

All in all, its a great book. Unique too that we change from Will to will and back to Will again every chapter.

And, the ending is worth reading, believe me 😉

Two lives,
Two different people,
One name,
One great story all-in-all

I want to read this book!


Septimus Heap Book 1- Magyk review

14 May


Back of the book

“The Magyk Begins Here

Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son, disappears the night he is born, pronounced dead by the midwife. That same night, the baby’s father, Silas Heap, comes across an abandoned child in the snow — a newborn girl with violet eyes. The Heaps take her into their home, name her Jenna, and raise her as their own. But who is this mysterious baby girl, and what really happened to their beloved son Septimus?”

Magyk, the very first of the Septimus Heap series. Harry potter fans, magic loving fans, and even the young children would enjoy the magykal adventure.

When i first saw this book in my local bookstore, i really didn’t think much of this book. Probably just another Harry Potter copy; then i thought. But, as i read through it, through the adventure of Jenna, boy 412, Silas, and the funny old dog Maxie, it just kept getting more and more interesting.

The first book was more of the fated adventure of the series. A kind of “everything falling into place” kind of story, throwing all the main characters in the series out of their circle of daily lives, and into a whole new adventure, all in one book.

What makes this story different from others?

Unlike most fictional novels nowadays, who usually have characters who are teens to adults, mostly with at least a male and female main characters who tend to end up with romantic relationships at the end, this story series focuses less on that “romantic” cliche that most stories have. So, for those who go “bleh!” at those sweet scenes, and even youngsters who still think of the opposite gender as friends, this is a great story that can be enjoyed.

The humor of the author’s writing is also a great thing about this story. The story plot just goes along, the scene flows as is, but adding a bit of humor once in a while. This was shown mostly as Silas Heap, the ordinary wizard.
Compared to what we expect Septimus Heap, seventh son of the seventh son, said to be very powerful in magic, Silas is quite the opposite. He is more of a clumsy wizard who doesn’t really give much importance to magic except for the fact that he can use it.

Should i read this book?

I strongly recommend you read this if your a magic fan, a fan of Harry Potter, or just want a great adventure story without the romantic touch. Or, simply because you’re looking for a good read.

I want to read this book!

Let the show begin!

14 Mar

You sit down on a comfty chair, press the play button on the remote. The movie starts, the “dut dut dut dududun du dun” of the 21st century fox opening. You reach out to the counter top, and grab you’re favorite bowl of buttered popcorn (or any other flavored popcorn you like)

And, you watch. In this blog of mine, i’ll rate blogs- both famous and those you might have never heard off. No specific genre’s when i watch, so i can review spine-shaking thrillers, heart racing horrors, to heart warming romance, or thrilling action movies, and even the occasional animation film. 

No, i am not bias to any star, character, or genre. So, i will judge equally on all movies i rate.

So, lets go grab a bowl of popcorn, and let the show begin!